About Us

Nand Lal Agarwal, a much grounded person from Churu, Rajasthan. Came Delhi in 1961 to build a future for his family and himself. He wasn’t carrying much stuff, money and support with him but what he was carrying is the will to build a fortune for himself which he’s willing to share with everyone he can. He putted his best efforts to accomplish the goals and begin his beautiful yet toughest journey of his life.

He never stopped because of hurdles. He kept moving while learning new and latest things. He is the one who is ready to help others whenever anyone seeks his help. He started his journey from working in a factory as a small staff member and reached to the level where he became owner of his own factory and shop.

He decided to keep progressing and working till the time he can help as many as he can. Which will leads him to creating this world of possibilities where your desire meets the demand and our efforts is to meet your demand of looking what you wanted to be look alike. We are here to share the Design that suits your Style; we build Raw into Casual for India and visitors, because we are made from the heart of India.

This is what makes us “Raw Casual India”.